• Winter RVing Tips

    Winter RVing Tips

    Using your RV during the warm months of the year is great fun. Winter RVing can be fun as well, however there are things to consider before setting out into the cold with your RV. The most common consideration is to the plumbing and water tanks. Traveling in cold weather, especially when the temperatures are below freezing can introduce the danger of plumbing lines and or water tanks to freeze which can be very expensive to repair. One option is to travel with the whole water system winterized.

    A few winter RVing tips include:

    • Not letting the RV holding tanks to completely fill to the top before emptying them
    • Take jugs of water or pre-bottled water for cooking, washing, and drinking.
    • Add anti-freeze if needed to the holding tanks to make sure they don’t freeze
    • Use skirting along the bottom of your RV
    • Park the RV exposed to sun and protected from the wind

    If there are plans to use your future RV on a fairly consistent basis in a cold climate, it is advisable if you choose an RV equipped with an arctic package.  Arctic packages include insulated under bellies, higher insulation in the walls, heated holding tanks, dual glazed windows, and have a temperature rating.

    • There are several other items that can be used that do not necessarily come with an RV such as:
    • Electric heating blankets for the bed
    • Indoor window covering to keep out the cold air
    • Additional sealing inside the door to stop air infiltration
    • Adding a generator for RV’s such as 5th wheels and travel trailers

    Winter RVing is being enjoyed by many and can be a great experience. Having the right information and the right tools will go far insuring you have a memorable RV trip in the cold.

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