• Taking Good RV Photos

    Taking good RV photos

    The importance of taking good RV photos when selling your RV yourself is often underestimated.

    The photo taking abilities of smart phones has increased in recent years with them touting more and more megapixels to achieve better images. Remember that the size of the lens matters as much as the amount of megapixels that are crammed onto the sensor.

    The first rule when taking good RV photos that will in turn be published on the Internet is to take them in Landscape orientation. This means that the image will be wider than it is tall.  Taking RV photos in portrait mode, as is done in high-school year books does not show well with RV’s. If the smart phone is unable to take images in landscape mode, it would be more advisable to use a pocket digital camera or even a digital SLR.

    Staging The RV

    Just like when selling a home, it doesn’t hurt to do some staging in your used RV. Before doing any kind of staging make sure to detail the exterior and interior of the used RV. Once you are done getting it as clean as possible stage the RV with items that people would generally use when on an outing. Setting a table with plates and flatware along with a vase is a nice touch. When it comes to the bedroom, nothing looks worse than a messy bed so make sure you have all of the wrinkles on the comforter smoothed out.

    Preparing To Photograph

    Choosing a good time of day is important so that you are not competing with a lot of glares that will pick up off the exterior of the RV. Dark photos, or where there are lots of shadows is not a good idea when taking photos of the exterior. When taking photos of the exterior or interior, it is a good idea to have the slides out.  Exterior photos should include front, rear, sides and angles of the sides.  When taking photos of the interior, it is a good idea to close the blinds and turn the interior lights on. Stay away from photos into mirrors where there is a flash glare.

    Effects or Photo Editing

    If you have photo editing software on your smart phone or computer it is OK to use it as long as the photo is not altered to an extreme where it doesn’t represent exactly what people will see in person.  Avoid using “fish-eye” or wide angle lenses to make the interior appear more spacious than it actually is.  Lastly avoid using any HDR effects on the image.



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